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MSR Riding Gear by North Coast


MSR Off Road

Riders love what they do with their bikes. This is the main reason why we have so many riders' clubs allover the world, a place where people share the same ideals and passion. The speed at which these bikes cruise at is astronomical with split second decisions being made at every juncture of the ride. Such speed requires one to have protective gear that shields him from any eventuality.

The riders have a divergent number of off road gear to choose from. This gear offers the protection that is needed in case of an accident. The gear includes pants, gloves, and jackets.

Riding Pants

The pants are meant to provide the rider with protection to the lower trunk of his body. These are usually made of leather or Cordura (which is a kind of nylon). The pants come in various styles; Trans, Attak, Pak, and X-Scape.


Our gloves come in hand to assist the rider in getting a good grip on his bike to steer it. They offer protection to the rider's hands from the harsh elements of the weather and bruising that might be caused by an accident. The gloves are made of different materials offering gloves for each and every occasion.  One can make a choice from the following; Windbreak, Attak, ColdPro, Enduro Pro, Mud Pro, Wick Dry Under, and Clove Under.

Riding Jackets

Our jackets are made of leather or non-leather material usually Cordura. This gives protection to the rider's upper tarsal. It protects one against the effects of the weather and injuries that can be caused by an accident. The jackets come in different styles that also offer the rider with options to choose from, these include; Trans, Attak, Pak, and X-Scape.

The very colorfully rides tend to match their pants, jackets and the gloves with their bike's colors. 


This article was published on Saturday 30 December, 1899.
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