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KLIM Riding Gear by North Coast


KLIM Riding Gear

A rider's comfort comes from the fact that he knows that his safety is assured in one way or another. A good bike in superb condition offers the rider with the cruise experience that might have compelled one to invest in the bike. It also offers the rider with some safety mechanisms that seek to protect him. Some of the safety implements in the bike go along way in offering comfort for the rider as well. Some of the simple safety mechanisms include good quality shocks, turn signals, breaks and break lights.

Apart from the simple controls in the bike one can invest in Riding Gear that will enable the rider be comfortable while riding and at the same give the safety assurance. In almost all the states it is a requirement that riders wear protective gear to safe guard themselves. Doing anything contrarily to this requirement means that one could be on the wrong side of the law. An investment in the right riding gear in these states is not optional. Some of the gear that one ought to invest in includes;

Riding Pants

These protect the rider from the harsh elements of the weather and offer general safety of the rider. The pants can be leather based or non-leather, but the safest being leather pants in case one is involved in a crash. Riders tend to use them on longer trips and tours.


The jerseys similarly to the pants are made of leather or non leather material offering the same kind of protection for the rider on the upper part of the rider's body.


These offer the riders with head protection, this is a must have you can't be on your bike without one.


The gloves provide a good grip for the rider's hands on the bike and protect him from the elements of weather as well as offering safety to his hands in case of a crash.


The boots protect your feet, one needs not worry about the weather conditions or getting his foot burnt by the exhaust pipe.

Pick yourself protective riding gear for your ride and you will be protected. 


This article was published on Saturday 30 December, 1899.
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