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Baja Designs Dual Sport Kits by North Coast


Baja Designs Dual Sport Kits
The law makes it quite hard for the people who love doing off-road rides with their dirt bikes. They cannot experience and practice what they love. In most of the states it is illegal to have dirt bikes on the road; most riders need to hit the road before getting off the road to the harsh terrain, the experience.  Now you can have your dirt bike legally on the road, all it takes is the inclusion of Baja Designs Dual Sport Kit and getting your legal papers, a license and insurance.

The Baja Designs Dual Sport Kit comes with;

 An easy to use manual / installation manual

The manual show the details of what needs to do to install and uninstall the kit. The procedure is very simple and the manual comes in handy in simplifying your work.

Ni-Cad Battery

This allows the lights to light even when the bike is switched off.

Hi/Low Glass Lens Headlight

The head provides a very powerful source of lighting for the bike, allowing you to see as far ahead as is possible.


This comes as a DOT or LED based and it provides you with lighting for the rear of your bike also providing an indication of when you brake.

Switch Panel

This is the control panel for the headlight, kill, turn signals and horn.

The other gadgets that come with the kit are; the horn, rectifier that changes your battery, a parts bag that contains all necessary bolts, nuts etc and turn signals.

This kit is available in all OEM colors with all the electrical components connected to the headlight. 

Off-road riding is not for the faint-hearted, a strong will is needed. If you love going on off-road rides there are definitely some key items that you need to give you that unforgettable experience, pick yourself this kit. 


This article was published on Saturday 30 December, 1899.
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