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Trail Tech Computers by North Coast


The Best Trail Tech Computers

Are you searching for an additional accessory for your bike? Well, there are various computers that you can find online to help you track with many factors like speed, temperature and shift light warnings. Trail Tech is a great brand for computers that are good for your bike.

There are 3 types of Trail Tech Computers:

1.     Vapor- this type of computer has a large digital tachometer graph that is very easy to see, read and follow. It has an extensive and great support for time, speed and distance read-outs. It is sensitive to the air and engine temperature and has LED lights that are installed for light and temperature warnings.

2.     Vector- the main feature of this type of computer is the digital off-road speedometer. It has 2 programmable reminders for maintenance, LED light warnings, has large digits and includes a rally race feature. The remote control which is bought separately enables to control the computer's grip and when gauge buttons are placed near the grip will keep you safe and laps slow. Its actual size is 4.2 inches and weighs 3.9 oz.

3.     Endurance- the main feature of this type of computer is the widescreen display of the information at once. The speed information is found on right side, time settings/functions on center and maintenance and distance information on the left side. The speedometer is proven to be tough and very easy to install and use.

Differences and similarities of the 3 computers:

  • Vapor and Vector have many features while Endurance doesn't have.
  • Vector doesn't have tachometer while Vapor has.
  • Vector has rally/endure features and lap timer, while Vapor doesn't have.
  • Vapor and Vector are sensitive to shift light and temperature warnings.

All three products are some of the best Trail Tech computers available. For more convenience, visit their website and learn the detailed descriptions of each computer and then decide which one you want to buy. They work best for ATVs and Motorcycles.


This article was published on Saturday 30 December, 1899.
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